Lisa Handel

Matters of care/Methodologies of care. Diffractive More-than-human Participatory Research for more livable worlds
Matters of care/Methodologien des Sorgens. Diffractive More-than-human Participatory Research für lebbarere Welten

Puig de la Bellacasa’s concept of matters of care is a knowledge-political intervention that is situated in the contemporary discussion of politics of things, following and challenging Bruno Latour’s concept of matters of concern. It could be argued that Latour’s concept of matters of concern somehow inherit the supposed genderless neutrality of matters of fact, only that this presumed neutrality is no longer located at the level of objects but at the level of relations. This is exactly where the concept of matters of care intervene, by opening up the possibility of queer-feminist think/thing- politics which is committed to the diffraction of inequality and an ethico-political response-ability of minoritarian, oppositional, partial, subaltern perspectives and articulations that remain resistant to the inclusive integration in powerful assemblies. The lecture explores the possibilities of a translation of matters of care into the concept of methodologies of care by an interferent reading of Bellacasa ́s concept with current speculative methodological experimentation in the field of More-than-human Participatory Research and Diffractive Design in informatics.

Lisa Handel (media and cultural studies) is a research assistant at GeStiK – Gender Studies Cologne at the University of Cologne. Her research interests are in the field of media philosophy, process philosophy, science & technology studies, gender & queer theory and new materialism. Her current research project is concerned with the development of an explorative method design for a queer-feminist new materialistic research approach to technology and care.
Handel, Lisa (2019) Ontomedialität. Eine medienphilosophische Perspektive auf die aktuelle Neuverhandlung der Ontologie. Bielefeld: transcript.