Nana Kesewaa Dankwa

Innovation Through Gender in Computing:
“Starting from Scratch”

“Starting from Scratch” directs research focus to the early stages of smart home technological innovation. Research needs to look beyond finding biases in existing technology and look at gender\diversity driven technological innovation. The essence of gender\diversity as front runners in smart home technological innovation cannot be overstated. The home remains one of the most gendered environments and smart home marketing imagery is often of a white middle working-class family with a child or two. Smart home devices must be designed to cater to diverse users and needs. Gender\diversity driven technological innovation addresses biases, stereotypes, oppression and the digital divide. This means collaboratively working with diverse users to innovate smart technology and integrate gender and diversity aspects in technology.

Nana Kesewaa Dankwa is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at the University of Kassel (Gender/Diversity in Information Systems Research Group). She is currently working on the Innovation through Gender in Computing (INTeGER) Project where she explores participatory design for gender/diversity driven technological innovation and in producing non-bias technology. Her previous research work focused on exploring co-creation for energy sustainability in student living spaces and understanding user motivations for playing location-based games. She teaches the self-designed course “Innovating Smart Things for the Home” to Bachelor students at the University of Kassel.

Foto: © Johanna Reich

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